Mom Mom Irene’s Schnecken

Makes 70-85

2 pkgs yeast (granulated)


Large Glass-2 tablespoons sugar

4 tbsp warm water

leave spoon in

Put yeast in- stir

Leave for 15 minutes


4 eggs- whip separately

2 tsp vanilla

melt  4 sticks margarine and 1/2 (8oz) cream cheese

4-5 cups of flour 

4-5 tbsp sugar

Makes about 12-14 balls

Put balls in refrigerator for 1 hour wrapped in waxed paper


1 cup of sugar

3.5 tbsp cinnamon

1 cup walnuts


Take out balls

oil cookie sheets well

Sprinkle lots of cinnamon/sugar roll out ball to 12″ round

cut into crescents

Bake 350 until spatula lifts each piece easily and they are slightly browned underneath


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